Bungee Extreme

Standing 25 feet tall and 40 feet around- the Bungee Extreme is a four-person bungee jumping event. The Bungee Extreme allows participants to do flips and somersaults in the air and land on an inflatable base. Imagine you and three friends jumping 30-35 feet in the air simultaneously. With state of the art harnesses and bungee cords it’s possible with the Bungee Extreme!

There are four different stations; each one has an inflatable base, which the participant stands on. They are attached to a harness that goes around their legs and waists. The harness is attached to rubber surgical cords that are attached to ropes that wind up a motorized winch. Once all participants are strapped in and ready to go they are raised off the inflatable base and are suspended in the air, which allows them to bounce on the cords and do flips and get to heights up to 30 ft in the air.

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