Drive In

Have you ever wondered what happened to those old Drive In movie theaters? We have the answer with our Drive In movie screens. Choose from three screen sizes to create your event. Our Drive In movie nights will provide a spectacular evening under the stars. *

We will arrive at your site with the following:

  • 150, 225, 350 or 650 square foot video screen
    Drive In Movie Screen Sizes

    • 18 foot diagonal 11 by 14 feet 150 square feet
    • 22 foot diagonal 13 by 17 feet 225 square feet
    • 28 foot diagonal 17 by 22 feet 350 square feet
    • 37 foot diagonal 22 by 30 feet 650 square feet
  • Video Projector System for Blu-Ray or DVD.
  • 3000 watt sound system
  • Staffing
  • Full Insurance

We will arrive at your event to present a spectacular evening of movies under the stars. The price includes all of the above and time enough for a double feature. All you need to do is provide the movies on a regular Blu-Ray or DVD. Your guests can bring blankets or chairs and enjoy the movies.

Available upgrades include food machines (popcorn anyone?) and AM/FM transmission (you can listen on the radio)!

*Federal law prohibits the exhibition of any copyrighted material for public viewing without permission. We are not responsible for obtaining any applicable permissions either written or implied.

Here is a link to SWANK Motion Pictures for your convenience:

SWANK Motion Pictures

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