Virtual Bingo

No special skills to have. No unending reserve of trivia to know. Bingo is the perfect game to bring everyone together for a good time online. Party people Inc is here to help facilitate your Virtual Bingo Night and
make it as easy as, well, a game of bingo. From getting all the players cards to running games for up to 500 players, we’ll handle it all for you.

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Wild Card Bingo

Virtual Wild Card BINGO is online Bingo such as you have never experienced!

What’s better than a great game of Bingo? It’s easy to play, lots of fun and creates healthy competition. Old school Casino style Bingo hosted by Better Call Saul, this is not! Our hosts keep it fun and friendly at all times. Instead of calling out numbers, your online host will play music or show visuals as you cross off squares on your board.

*Virtual Trivia Bingo can be customized to your company or focus on fun questions based on the information you didn’t know you knew!

*Virtual Mighty Music Bingo can bring you back to the 80’s and 90’s right thru today’s hits…determine the song title and try to find song titles on your virtual bingo card based on singer, songs, or genres.

*Virtual Speed Bingo – just try and stay focused thru a blitz of bingo numbers to determine who will have the first cover-all in this fast-paced version.

*Human Bingo – is an icebreaker that helps people learn interesting facts about each other.

*Straight Up Virtual Bingo: With a live caller and host to make the event fun and lively. Complete with Bingo Cage and Numbers Wall Not sure how to highlight that yellow besides making the text yellow

For more information give us call or send us an email.

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