Murder Mysteries

Let our troupe of seasoned actors bring you a night of capers, crime and comedy. Choose one of our prepared “Scripts”, or we can customize one for your organization. Ask your representative which one may be good for your group.

Our most popular Murder Mystery Night Scenarios include:

Amanda’s Will

Amanda Huntington has died. We have been invited to the reading of her will, which has been the object of speculation by everyone involved. Only Chester Hadlyme can read between the lines of her will to see what she really intended.

Count Alucard’s Castle

A cast reunion for one of the funniest sit-coms from yesteryear is not a pleasant experience for anybody. Thank goodness the Network hired the Chester Hadlyme Agency as security for this event.

Jewel of Denial

The Cryptstone Castle Necklace has surfaced again and is being auctioned off, curse and all. How many more victims will it claim before Chester Hadlyme solves the mystery??

Lounge Lizards Must Die

The Las Vegas Lounge Act Awards Show always attracts the oddest people, both on stage and off. This year is no exception. Will the audience be voting for a winner or a survivor this time?? Only Chester Hadlyme can figure this one out.

The Seven Deadly Syns

The worlds most dysfuncutional family are having a party, and you’re invited. It’s amazing that each one of the seven deadly sins will be represented as well.

Stars of the Silent Scream

Just like they do in the movies, Chester Hadlyme has brought together the suspects in a five year old unsolved murder. The cast of “Buster’s Busted Romance” has to act out something brand new for them … INNOCENCE!!

Ghosts of Valentine’s Past

An anniversary party is supposed to be a joyous event. Maybe it all depends on whom you invite to celebrate it with you. Somebody apparently made the wrong choice of guests,…. or did they?? Chester Hadlyme needs your help to solve this one.

What do you expect for Friday the 13th?

You could win an all expenses paid honeymoon vacation or something less enjoyable might also be in your future. The day you chose to get married might have something to do with it. What do you expect??

When the Flower Children Wilt

The “Music Last” Network has unfortunately brought together the number 1 rock group of the 60′s. After all those years of sex, drugs, and rock and roll, the grey cells are not the only thing dying here tonight. Chester Hadlyme needs your help to cut through this smoke screen.

The Butler Did it

Have fun solving this one when Billie Butler, Bobby Butler, and Betty Butler, along with Jeeves, their butler, are brought together for the proverbial reading of the will. This show answers the question of every murder mystery, but you’ll never be able to guess who did it.

Now You Dunnit!

Improv show that features the mystery you create and solve. With suggestions from the audience, and the incredible talent of the performers, there is no telling how this will go!, Combination of sketch comedy, improv, audience participation, and a mystery that never fails to entertain all audiences. (IMPROV, NOT MYSTERY)

Specialty / Holiday Scripts

Murphy’s Wedding

Join us at the wedding reception of the Whyte-Treashe families and see what trouble ensues. (Where anything that can go wrong for our poor bride… WILL). Mr. Toni, the wedding planner, has thought of everything. However NONE of today’s events could possibly have been planned for. If you think your family is dysfunctional ~ you’ve never met two families like the ones coming together to celebrate this “blessed” event. (this is not run like a typical Murder Mystery, compare it to “Tony & Tina’s Wedding”, the setting for this script is a wedding reception)

Customized Script

Written specifically for your organization. You pick the setting and characters. These scripts include the most information about your organization and seems like the actors are actually part of your group.

Never Trust an Elf

It’s holiday time and there’s grumbling from the North Pole. The top elves in marketing, production and distribution are this year’s nominees for “Elf of the Year”. However, not all of them are on Santa’s ‘good’ list. More than just a mystery, this is a holiday event.

Murder at the Casino

Combine the fun of our Casino Night with the excitement of a Murder Mystery, and you’ve got “Murder at the Casino.” Black Jack, Poker, Roulette and Poker along with our great actors make for a great themed event.

You think you know somebody

A free cruise awaits the winning couple on this game show. Just how competitive can a person get? And, just how far will that person go to win? Your “host”, Chester Hadlyme, will uncover the answer tonight. ( For Wedding ONLY)

Additional Options

Woody’s Puppet Playhouse

This interactive puppet show features the dirtiest, raunchiest, pretend people you will ever meet. Includes a create your own puppet portion (supplied by Inflatable Games) FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY

Monty Wink’s Traveling Game Show featuring The Gong Show

We provide the host, judges and gong; you supply the talent! Remember, anything can be considered “talent”. Also included are “You think you know somebody!”, scavenger hunt and “What’s that song?” (prizes, if any, supplied by you)

For more information on any of these great events, please contact the agent that referred you to this site.