Micro Reality Racing

Choose from 3 sizes of tracks.  Our largest track is 6 players at a time and is 25′ by 25 ‘wide or 30′ by 20′ wide.  Our Standard tracks are 20′ by 20’.  We also have a small track called the Doughnut which is 16′ by 20′ and is suitable for 3-4 players at a time.   We come prepared with 1st, 2nd and 3rd places trophies. We can tailor the wording or design specific elements for your event.

Additional Options:

“Make and Drive Your Own Car” Party

For our younger, artistic audience, we offer the option to paint, label and draw on a new car body. Later, they’ll get to race the customized bodies and keep them as souvenirs. We offer clear or pre-painted bodies and art supplies – their imagination will do the rest.

 Billboards – We have several places to display your corporate logo, message or promotion (i.e. Lap counter, circumference flags, and inner track area).

Car Bodies – We can put your logo, corporate name or child’s name on the car. You can pick the color, number and get to keep the body after your event (or give it as a prize).

For more information on any of these great events, please contact the agent that referred you to this site.