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Aromatherapy Healing Lava Bracelets

The Lava stone comes from a raw energy ( Fire ) and considered to be a stone of rebirth.
Known for its grounding and calming healing properties. For hundreds of years these rocks
have been used by many cultures for their balancing and protective benefits. Lava beads have
a porous surface and can absorb the essential oils of your choice to give that extra healing you desire. Each person gets to create their own lava bracelet and add their choice of essential oil blends.

There are up to 20 Aromas to choice from to create their own healing Lava Bracelet.

Hope Bracelets

One Word can be very empowering. An intention is a desire of who we want to be. Create a bracelet with that one word to remind yourself of your passion and purpose. Wear the intent bracelet to empower you throughout the day. Each person will get their own intent bracelet to create. Have fun coming up with that One word that you will stamp on to inspire you.

also known as intent bracelets, wishing bracelets, purposeful bracelets

Bubble Boards

Create your own thought bubble dry erase board. Great for dorm rooms, kids rooms, classrooms and offices. Gloss White. 10″ x 8.24″ x .25″.

Archery Games

Imagine your guests in our 45 foot by 85 foot inflatable arena with inflatable obstacles to hide behind playing our newest event Archery Games. Can be played as a dodgeball type of event or targets can be set up inside. 10 players at a time or two teams of 5 can play a variety of “Archery Tag” games.

Make your next event even bigger by combining 2 hours of Archery games with 2 hours of our fast paced Knockerball, both played under our inflatable arena pictured below.

also known as: archery tag, bow and arrow dodgeball, archers challenge, robin hoods adventure

Gourmet Pop Corn Cart

Ax Throwing

Axe throwing has become hugely popular, and now it’s the hottest new inflatable game.  We are proud to introduce the definitive inflatable axe throw. Larger-than-life artwork, realistic foam axes, and a durable built-in vinyl floor make this the best inflatable axe throw, period.

Quarterback Toss

Test your quarterback skills from a distance with this quarterback toss games

Crazy Cones

Crazy Cones e is a  new game. Each cone has a light target in which each player must tap their teams color in order to win the game.

Zap A Mole

Introducing the Zap-A-Mole! A new spin on the classic arcade game Whack-A-Mole! This inflatable game uses our IPS System that lights up  and shows players where to hit. Whoever hits the most moles in the time allowed wins! Are you up for the challenge?

Human Whack A Mole

Giant Human Whack A Mole, an arcade favorite brought to life. Kick it up an notch with our Human Whack a Mole! One person stands in the middle and tries to “whack” 6 “moles”. Don’t worry the moles are actually other people who are trying to grab as many balls as possible to take them into their holes and store them in a pouch. The person who retrieve the most balls becomes victorious!

Dimensions 14’L x 14’W x 5’H

Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course

Ninjas begin the course leaping from side to side on the Quintuple Steps, on their way to the Rock-Climb steps and on to the deck above. From there, they jump and grab the cargo net. But don’t worry, any Ninja that comes up short, will land on the soft, inflated airpad landing below, to safely catch them. Quickly rolling off the landing and running across the red Balls, Ninjas make their way over the balance beam that will test the limits of their balance. They’re almost to the finish. After the beam, they must test their strength by running up the Warped Wall, grabbing a flag for the victory!

Belly Dancers

Hippedity Hop Ponies

Four Ponies arrive at your event for the craziest competitions yet.  Combine our Ponies with our Inflatable Race Track or our new Crazy Cones for even more excitement

Pub Trivia

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Roving Artists

We can provide roving artists ranging from jugglers, stilt walkers, plate spinners, unicyclists, and more.

Shoot and Score Connect 4

Shoot and Score     

Giant Bucket Pong

Giant Bucket Pong

Fried Dough

Mechanical Football

Whether it’s football or rugby, we’ve got you covered with the Rodeo American Football / Rugby Ball ride.  Are you ready for your Super Bowl party? For football season?  Jump on board and ride this over sized ball to glory for your team!  The Mechanical Rodeo American Football / Rugby Ball is a must for your game day celebrations, or even tailgating!


Mechanical Pumpkin

Trick or treat? The Mechanical Rodeo Pumpkin / Jack O’ Lantern is tailored made for pumpkin patches and Halloween events.

Red Neck Games

A game designed to challenge your agility, balance and endurance, themed to look like you are in the swamp of the deep south.  There has been an explosion at the local mill, leaving you floating on a tree stump with three other of your buddies. Tree logs are flying through the air knocking you into the alligator infested swamp. Do you jump or do you duck the log? Either way just make sure that you don’t get snapped up by the hungry alligators waiting for you.  Avoid the log and wrestle the alligators to become the champion of Redneck Games!

Red Neck Games

Mechanical Pig

Great for all events, the Mechanical Rodeo Hog / Pig is here to give you the ride of a lifetime.  Harley the Hog is the tough guy of our multi ride family.  Harley comes complete with his leather vest and a mean glint in his eye. Take a ride on the wild side with Harley the Hog, the mechanical rodeo pig ride.

Mechanical Pig

Glow Cotton Candy

Glow Cotton Candy  Glow Cotton Candy

Wii Games

Open Air Photo Booth

Green Screen Photos / Photo Magic

Information coming soon…

Morph Mugs

Add your favorite hot beverage and watch this mug morph right before your eyes! Made with thermographic inks, our morph mugs react to heat, revealing new and fun graphics. As your beverage cools, the graphics change back to their original state, telling you it is time to refresh your cup!  We can use your photo, logo or text perfect for your next event.

morph mugsmorph mugs


Also known as: color changing mugs

Make Your Own Sugar Scrubs

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